Marketing Your Credit Repair Business

How To Out Rank Your Competition

Marketing A Credit Repair BusinessWith so much credit repair competition, how do you get a better ranking on Google (the number one search engine by far)? Trust me when you have a first page rankings, you do get both views and click-thrus and inquiries and generate more business.

There are many tools to help you set your pages up correctly and I won’t go into that here, but a few simple things on your pages are a must. 1) Be sure you content matches the search terms you are trying to rank for on Google, 2) Be sure your meta tags also reflect that content and search terms, 3) Have a valuable give-away such as a free ebook or special video so that you can capture your clients email. These are simple things to get the ball rolling.

An important and often over-looked tool is back links. You can create your own back links by starting a blog to talk about your credit repair business and then link it back to your website. Be sure your blog is discussing the same webpage content.

Now join IM Faceplate, a very highly ranked site by Google. This site allows you to write articles about your business and link it to your webpage and your blog. As Google begins to find these credible back links your rankings will grow.

The last thing is now becoming a very powerful tool to marketing your credit repair business and that is video. Google owns YouTube and automatically ranks videos high. Recently they added transcripts to the videos. Meaning that the spoken content is being read and listed in YouTube. YouTube also allows you to add meaningful tags, ie; search terms to the video. Once you’ve created the video, put it on your blog, IM Faceplate and on your webpage.

It’s a bit of a project but once it’s completed you will likely rank on the first page of Google!


About Safe Haven Credit

I don't much like the pompous attitude of the credit bureaus and the damage they have caused consumers and businesses, so I like to rant about it here...
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